Online Coaching Application


Thank you for your interest in KinCO's Online Coaching program.

Sometimes you may only have 15 minutes to work out, while other times you have a full hour. We’ll show you what to do with the time you have.

Over the last 10 years of working in the world of fitness and physical training, we’ve seen that the clients that experience the best results are those that have someone to report to weekly. We believe this program is by far one of the most effective ways to keep you on track and deliver results.

What makes our Online Coaching program unique is that it emphasizes the personal aspect of personal training. This means you will have your own program tailored to suit your specific needs and we are committed to bringing modifications to your plan when necessary; we are also committed to answering any and all fitness questions you may have about your program or otherwise.

Every coach that is part of KinCO’s dedicated team has multiple years of gym experience under the belt, and has a proven track record of delivering results to a variety of body types, fitness levels and objectives. From beginners that have never lifted a free-weight in their life, to professional CFL athletes looking to improve their performance during their off-season, our trainers have helped propel them to hit their targets harder, faster and more often.

By joining KinCO’s Online Coaching program, you are choosing to keep an educated fitness coach by your side, which will push you to stay on track, achieve your fitness goals and go beyond your personal best. You’ll look, feel and perform better after 12 weeks, as long as you keep at it and follow your fitness plan.

You’ll feel more confident and more motivated with our coaches by your side. We will supply you the guidance needed to keep you moving and feeling better.


The rundown of the program

To help you determine your fitness goals and exactly how you’ll achieve them, you get your Kick start session which is a 60-minute comprehensive in-person client assessment with a kinesiologist.

During this time, we will be measuring your body composition, your cardiovascular strength and complete a movement screen analysis to help us establish your unique starting point and set up the stepping stones to your success for the following months.

Your support is based on 3 key components:

1. New Training Program Prepared Monthly

Each month, you’ll have that new training program in your hands; and so each month you will be getting stronger and leaner.

2. Optional Monthly Query Meetings

After leaving you some time to understand and attempt your new program of the month, you have the possibility of scheduling a Query Meeting to get answers to any questions you may have collected. That way, you clear up all hesitations, so that you can pursue your fitness plan with increased confidence. Don’t have time for a meeting? No worries. Just send us your progress reports, and we go over them and figure out what your next move should be.

3. Weekly Training Feedback Via E-Communication

You’re not treated any differently than our in-person clients; just as we do for them, we bring dynamic and relevant adjustments to any training program. Some people prefer to e-mail us twice a day, others, twice a month. Either way works for us. You determine your involvement. The more information we have, the better we can support your success. Send us your questions or observations via e-mail or through the online forum; questions are answered weekly.

We meet each of our clients in person and take baseline measurements to understand their specific needs. This way, we ensure that you achieve peak cardio efficiency, maximize your results and ensure you’re working smarter, not harder, to attain your goals.


Explanation of value and costs

For a limited time, just until we subscribe 10 lucky clients, KinCO is discounting the monthly rate to 140$/month for our Advanced package and adding 50$/month gets you our Complete package.

The regular monthly rate for our packages are: 165$/month for our Advanced package and 239$/month for our Complete package.

Both programs are excellent and will provide the right amount of coaching and guidance. But if you do not have a lot of experience we highly recommend you choosing the Complete package so we can meet once a month for a 60 minutes in person training session to make sure you have good form and do your exercises right.

Both the Advanced and Complete packages have and Overview Meeting included after 3 months. The main purpose is to compare your results with the ones taken during your Kickstart meeting to ensure that the initial plan is working and see if we need to bring any adjustments.

All programs require a minimum commitment of four months. After your four month commitment is completed, you can end your training subscription at any time without additional costs. If you wish to continue training with us, you'll only pay the same preferential rate, until you wish to end your subscription.

KinCO takes the best part of our world-class 1-on- 1 training, combines it with making sure you always have a program onhand, always have access to your training staff, and wraps it neatly in one small, compact, well-price coaching service.


Explanation of value and costs

We want to help you take action towards reaching your health and fitness goals right now! To do our part in getting you started, we are offering you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We bill you 1 month at a time, through PayPal®, on or around the monthly anniversary of your client assessment. This limited-time offer represents a saving of 150$ & 294$ over 6 months.

Traditionally, 1-on-1 training sessions go for 70$ to 90$ per session in the facility we work at. That means-that when clients train 8-12 times over the course of a month, costs rise to between 560$ and 1,080$. This is exactly why we consider KinCO’s Online Coaching to be the best value money can buy.

Just be aware that the preferential rates described in this document are possible only because they are being offered for a four month commitment. If you were to decide to end your subscription before your four month commitment is completed, you would lose the benefit of these preferential rates. This means you will be charged 209$ per completed month for the Advanced package and 285$ per completed month for the Complete package instead of your preferential rate.

We want to help you take action towards reaching your health and fitness goals right now! We want to empower you to be healthy.

We are so confident that KinCO’s team of health professionals and coaches can upgrade your overall health and fitness that if you disagree within the first 30 days, we’ll refund you in full.


Let Us Begin

That’s it. All the information is laid out. All our cards are on the table. The ball’s in your court now! All you need to do is:

1. Respond to this e-mail with answers to the questions below;

2. Click the button "Schedule Phone Call" to book your phone call meeting.

Register now, spots are limited!

In spirit of full disclosure, we must tell you that there are currently 30 spots left for this program of which 10 are discounted.
We’re assuming that they’re going to continue to fill up quickly, so register soon!

Talk to us, let us know when we can call you and begin to know each other! From there we’ll see if you fit the program and if the program fits you.