Get your staff more energized and enhance their productivity.

Numerous studies have shown that companies who establish a healthy environment for their employees obtain higher performance and efficiency levels.1

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At the end of the day, what is the return on your investment? Over time, you could see around $3.27 for every dollar invested in a wellness program.2
These benefits are measurable.

The Sun Life-Ivey Candaian Wellness ROI study estimates that wellness programs save 1.5-1.7 days of absenteeism per employee per year.3

Positively influence corporate performance by incorporating our team of professionals!

Employers report experiencing tangible benefits from their wellness programs4
Our Corporate Recess Program
A healthy investment!
Our team-building physical activity is geared towards improving aspects such as communication, leadership and trust, while challenging your overall fitness in a safe and progressive setting.

We help your workforce go from feeling:



To Feeling


More alert

More energized

92% of participants in a Corporate Recess program reported feeling either more alert or energized after each session, with the added benefit of engaging with co-workers and improving group dynamics and communication.

The highest performing teams did not become so overnight. To bring your team up to peak performance levels remember that:

  • A consistent recess allows for both team development and as individual growth.

  • Corporate recess leaves your employees feeling rejuvenated ready to tackle their tasks at their best and is essential to sustaining high levels of performance.

  • Corporate recess reduces stress levels and stimulates social support with its fun and engaging structure, allowing team members to interact and work together more efficiently.
How it works

An empty space at your workplace is all we need to design a Corporate Recess
program for your staff. We come on-site and take care of the rest.
Different programs, for different goals:

Short Recess: 20 mins


Enhance individual and community wellbeing and ignite positive lifestyle changes!

Long Recess: 45-90 mins


Get the best for your team by adding a fitness component and delving deeper into team building development

How to get started in 2 easy steps
Send us your contact information along with your main points of interest

Break out your agenda when we call to setup a meeting

Together we'll explore the details of our programs and create an action plan for your company.

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