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To manage diabetes, it is extremely important to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity, physical activity per week. Below is a sample weekly training plan to get you started on the right foot.

To show you how we can help, you will find below a week plan for your work-out.

* Walk with a moderate intensity, where you should be able to speak, but not sing, during the activity.

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Cardiovascular training (30 min) + resistance training (15 min).

A - Start with a warm-up, the goal is to prepare the body for training.
A1 - Walk for 20 minutes at a moderate intensity.

B - To complete your circuit training, perform exercices B1 to B5 one after the other without rest. At the end, take 90 to 120 seconds rest and based on your fitness level, repeat 1-2 more times.
B1 - Squat with body weight - 20 repetitions;
B2 - Push-up on knees - 20 repetitions;
B3 - Row with elastic - 20 repetitions;
B4 - Abdominal plank - hold for 30 seconds;
B5 - Jumping Jacks - do as many jumps as possible for 60 seconds;

C - Always finish with a cool down to relax your muscles and avoid a drop in blood pressure that can cause dizziness or, in extreme cases, fainting.
C1 - Walk for 10 minutes to calmly recover.

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